Developing Trails at Greensboro’s Long Pond

by Hal Gray
photo by Sophia Barsalow | Rick Morrill, Mary Young, Alison Gardner, Lynn McNamara, Jack Markowski, Dawn Morgan, Zoryan Ivakhiv and (front), Auriel Gray, and Ross Morgan recently surveyed hiking trails north of Long Pond.

GREENSBORO – On Friday, The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Vermont chapter and Greensboro’s Long Pond Stewardship Committee organized a group to survey hiking trails north of Long Pond. TNC owns 767 acres on the pond, including most of Paddock Hill, which borders Glover.

The group included Lynn McNamara, TNC’s stewardship director, and Craftsbury forester Ross Morgan, who prepared a forest management plan for Paddock Hill in 2012. The group explored some old logging roads, and followed Morgan’s path up the hill, where they enjoyed a view of the pond looking south beyond the Hill Farmstead Brewery. They outlined a circular route, and also a new path down to the northern shore of Long Pond. 

Mapping of the northeast section of Long Pond, up Paddock Hill, was done by Kestrel Owens in 2016, as a senior project at Craftsbury Academy.

map by Kestrel Owens