Write for the Gazette!

by Ray Small, Editor

The Gazette needs your help in covering events in your town. Before the COVID outbreak, we ran pilot programs with volunteer journalists in Greensboro and Craftsbury. The results were terrific. Here’s how you can write news stories about your town (and help keep the Gazette up and running):

  • Gazette news stories are short. 400-600 words will do the job.
  • Topics can range from select board meetings and school board meetings, to local events and organizations, to whatever you think will interest the folks in your town.
  • Just the facts: a news article answers the ‘what, when, where, who, why and/or how’ of a past or future event. Keep opinions out of your writing (though you are encouraged to share your opinions in a Letter to the Editor).
  • Include a headline, a dateline (the town in which the event has happened or will happen, in CAPS, followed by a dash), and a byline (‘by’ followed by your name).
  • Do not spend time formatting your article. We remove formatting from all submissions so the files work with our layout software.
  • Save your text file as a .rtf file. All word processing programs have that option, usually from a drop-down menu in the “Save As” option.
  • Submit your article as an attachment to an email (do not copy the text into the body of the email). 
  • Submit photos as attachments, as well. Send the largest photo file size you can (reducing the file size reduces the resolution).
  • Submit cutlines (the text that goes with a photo) as separate text files. Please name cutline files in a way that clearly match them with your photo(s).
  • Send submissions to news@hardwickgazette.com. Please do not use any other email address you may have. 

Questions? Drop a line to news@hardwickgazette.com

Thanks for helping the Gazette’s coverage area from becoming a local news desert!