The Guilty Few

To the editor:

Remember when Trump said that COVID was no worse than the flu, downplaying the warnings of the World Health Organization? Remember when he said it would be gone by the summer of 2020?

Remember his “manly and virile” posturing after his bout with COVID, hiding the extraordinary medical intervention to save his life? Remember when he and his sycophant Republicans, such as Florida Governor DeSantis, Texas Governor Abbot, Senator Cruz, and Representative Josh Hawley (to name just a few), created the toxic political divide by claiming that government action could not infringe on “personal liberty,” brainwashing the now 50 million Americans who still refuse to get vaccinated?

They are the ones responsible for the pandemic that has wreaked havoc with our lives. They are the ones responsible for creating a pool of unvaccinated in which the COVID has mutated into first the Delta and now the Omicron variants.

They are the ones who are responsible for ruining our kids’ education, the loss of over 20 percent of the nurses nationwide due to burn-out, the threatened collapse of our hospital system, and the loss of over 800,000 lives. They are the ones responsible for a COVID winter that is the worst since the pandemic began.

Bob Hawk
East Hardwick