Rise Up!

I am so weary of dealing with this pandemic, and the onslaught of COVID mutations caused by the pool of the unvaccinated.

I am so weary of hearing the ongoing Big Lie about a stolen election, and Republicans’ attempt to rewrite history, undermine the January 6 investigation, and block passage of sensible voting rights legislation.

I am so weary of fighting against the forces that threaten our planet, our democratic republic, and the health and well-being of my grandchildren and our world community.

It would be so easy, after struggling for so long, especially in the last five to 10 years, to just say, “Let someone else deal with it”. But that is not how we will save our planet, our democracy, or our kids, grandchildren and our world community. The outcome of the 2022 election, only 11 months away, will decide whether authoritarian, oligarchic, Trumpian forces seize the remaining levers of power.

Will you join me in rising above the resignation and weariness to support progressive, democratic candidates throughout the U.S.? We succeeded in 2020 in removing Trump and McConnell from leadership positions, and we can hold on to the Senate in 2022, and perhaps the House, if we unite in action again. For more information email to 2022RiseUp@gmail.com.

Bob Hawk