Trump 2024??

To the editor:

The 2022 election, less than seven months away, will determine whether Trump decides to run again for President of the United States. If Republicans win the Senate and House, it will be the green light for him to toss his hat in the ring, knowing that any investigations into his corrupt, lawless, and authoritarian administration will be stopped.

The unspoken question on the 2022 ballot is whether voters care enough to defend our democratic Republic “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, or whether the ultra-right cadre of the powerful, monied oligarchy will complete their 50-year campaign to seize all the remaining levers of power and finish their dismantling of democratic institutions and our social safety net.

It is imperative that civic minded citizens step up and get involved in this coming election. If you would like to help Democrat/Progressive candidates throughout the country win their elections, thereby retaining control of the Senate and House, please go to or send an email to to join a local activist group.

Bob Hawk

East Hardwick