Forchion’s “Emancipation” at Catamount ArtPort

ST. JOHNSBURY – Brattleboro-based spoken word poet, filmmaker, podcast host, clown, stuntman, and educator William Forchion will perform his latest show “Emancipation,” at Catamount ArtPort in St. Johnsbury, on May 14, as part of the Facing the Sunrise Black Performing Arts Series. The series aims to engage audiences with stellar performances that celebrate and teach the Black Experience with positive and uplifting messages from the Black artist community.

William Forchion

“Emancipation” takes its name from the Marcus Garvey quote, “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery,” and promises to take audiences on a spellbinding journey guided by a mastermind entertainer and truly revolutionary thinker. “Emancipation” is the artistic evolution of Forchion’s 2020 original solo performance “Spirit Dance: a conversation with the ancestors, “addressing issues of race, identity, power, and purpose. The show is an interactive experience crafted of song, chant, poetry, and ritual incantation.

Fueled by his desire to inspire, educate, entertain, and innovate, William Forchion creates art that connects audiences to promote emotional, spiritual, and mental growth. He is the author of “Billosophy: Meditations on God, Movement, and Miracles,” and two poetry collections: “Sacred & Sacrosanct” and “#APoemADay”. Forchion hosts a podcast, “Billosophy 101,” and has been a cultural exchange Ambassador for the Arts for the U.S. State Department.

Admission to see William Forchion’s “Emancipation” at Catamount Arts ArtPort on Saturday, May 14th, is free, but tickets are required to reserve seating. To reserve free tickets and learn about updated COVID-safety protocols for this venue, visit