Open Borders

To the editor:

I would like your readers and my fellow voters to know that after getting no response from Peter Welsh via his web site, I called his office today to get his position on Title 42. For those who don’t follow the national news and don’t know about Title 42, this is not the forum to educate anyone. The person who answered at Welsh’s office said that Peter had written a letter in support of repealing Title 42. This will certainly open the flood gates to more illegal southern border crossings and exacerbate all the problems that come with it. Crime, drugs, demand on all our social services.
This is disappointing that a representative from a border state can’t or will not appreciate the consequences of open borders. Perhaps he is just an AOC or Pelosi puppet.
Clearly the man is not qualified to be a Senator and will not get my vote in November.

Ron Whitcomb