Prom Night Tips for Parents and Teens

by Jessica Bickford

HARDWICK — Lamoille Valley Proms are scheduled for May 14th, May 21st, and June 4th. Healthy Lamoille Valley’s Parent Workgroup would like to share these tips for a fun and safe evening filled with positive memories.

Help your teen have a well-planned evening. Talk through plans together before the night of the event. Ask that your teen to let you know as plans change.

If your teen is going to an after-party, know the location and address and confirm that an adult will be hosting and actively monitoring. Check in with the host and see how you might support the party (do they want snacks, an extra adult present, party favors?), then confirm that this will be a substance-free event.

If you are hosting the after-party, get other parents to help out. Set the expectation that this will be a substance-free event, including any adults present. Work with your teen to plan the gathering and provide fun treats and drinks that their friend group likes.

Recognize the needs of your teen and their friends and make a plan for them to get out of uncomfortable situations. Talk about the types of situations that might be uncomfortable for them: anxiety, illness, friend struggles, substances, sexual pressures, etc. Their plan could include friends helping friends, having a trusted chaperone at the prom or party, or texting you code word to let you know they need to come home.

Make sure they know the Vermont State Police Anonymous tip line so they can get help for a friend that may need it – this could save a life. Tips can be submitted anonymously by texting VTIPS to 274637 (CRIMES).

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[Jessica Bickford is a Coordinator for Healthy Lamoille Valley’s Parents Group]