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Hardwick Police Media Log

May 30: Assist – Public, N. Main St.; Assist – Public, High St.; Traffic Stop, Wolcott St./S. Main St.; Alarm, Wolcott St.; Assist – Agency, Hazen Union Dr.; Directed Patrol, Glenside Ave.; Assist – Public, Junction Rd.
May 31: Directed Patrol, S. Main St.; Vandalism, Elm St.; Assist – Other, Wolcott St.; Assist – Agency, Mill St.; Directed Patrol, Glenside Ave.; Directed Patrol, Cherry St.; Medical, S. Main St.
June 1: Directed Patrol, Mackville Rd.; Suspicious Event, Mill St.; Accident – Property Damage Only, S. Main St.; Motor Vehicle Complaint, S. Mai St.; Animal Problem, High St.
June 2: Theft, Evergreen Manor Dr.; Found Property, Highland Ave.; Welfare Check, S. Main St.; Suspicious Event, Spring St./Elm St.
June 3: Citizen Dispute, Main St.; Lost Property, S. Main St.; Assist – Public, Wolcott St.; Burglary, Elm St.; Welfare Check, Dutton Rd.; Directed Patrol, Glenside Ave.
June 4: Traffic Stop, S. Main St.; Assist – Other, Wolcott St.; Accident – Property Damage Only, Mackville Rd.; Threats/Harassment, Daley Ln.; Traffic Stop, Wolcott St.; Assist – Public, W. Hill Rd.; Assist – Motorist, Granite St.; Traffic Stop, Vt. Rte. 14.
June 5: Traffic Stop, Wolcott St./Union St.; Suspicious Event, Hazen Union Dr.; Vandalism, N. Main St.; Parking Problem, River St.; Traffic Hazard, Vermont Ave.; Foot Patrol, S. Main St.; Traffic Stop, Hardwick St.; Assist – Public; Animal Problem, Bunker Hill Rd.; Motor Vehicle Complaint, Highland Ave.; Directed Patrol, Glenside Ave.
June 6: Suspicious Event, Granite St.; Juvenile Problem, Hazen Union Dr.; TRO/FRO Service, Vt. Rte. 15 W; Traffic Stop, Vt. Rte. 16.

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