Marshfield Conservation Commission Receives Tiny Grant

MONTPELIER – The Association of Vermont Conservation Commissions (AVCC) has awarded 2022 Tiny Grants to conservation commissions in Marshfield, Bethel, Mt. Holly, Georgia, Monkton and Burlington.

Tiny Grants is an AVCC initiative that provides seed money or matching funds to conservation commissions for land conservation, education and outreach, stewardship and management, and planning activities. Conservation commissions are non-regulatory bodies designed to advise planning commissions and select boards on natural resources issues.

Grantees will receive between $300 and $600 to improve trails on conserved lands; increase wildlife activity through birdhouse installation; eradicate unwanted, invasive plants; encourage plant and wildlife biodiversity in schools; and educate communities.

The Marshfield Conservation Commission received a grant to purchase a pair of brush grubbers to pull the stumps of invasive shrubs.

“We are thrilled to be able to support Vermont’s grassroots conservation commissions to accomplish projects engaging in the vital work of protecting our dynamic and ever-changing environment,” said Mark Nelson, AVCC board Chair. “Our grants may be ‘tiny’ but they create a large ripple effect.”

Thirteen applications were received and six were approved for funding. Other grantees and their projects were: Bethel Conservation Commission, for installation of bluebird houses and the purchase of books, binoculars, and journals for the second season of Bird Camp; Mount Holly Conservation Commission: to hold a public outreach/education event regarding nuisance vegetation at the town swimming and boat launch area of Star Lake; Georgia Conservation Commission: to aid in the expansion of a foot and bike access to Russell Greene Natural Area; Monkton Conservation Commission: to purchase two uprooter tools to assist with the removal of invasive buckthorn; and

Burlington Conservation Commission: to create a native plant garden at the Edmunds Elementary School.