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Hardwick FC Wins by Forfeit

photo by Vanessa Fournier
Harry Besett (left) of Hardwick FC and Jerry Passalacqua (right) of the Bethel Cockadoodles head for possession of the ball. Bethel had to forfeit the game as only six of their players showed up.
photo by Vanessa Fournier
Bethel Cockadoodles’ Nick Meadow (left) matches up with Walker McAllister (right) of Hardwick FC during play on Hudson Field June 26. Bethel had to forfeit as not enough of their players showed up for the game.

by Harry Besett

HARDWICK – Hardwick FC faced Bethel Cockadoodle Pizza Cafe this past Sunday at Hazen Union. Unfortunately, only six of the Bethel players were able to make the long commute and Hardwick won by forfeit.

Hardwick, who this week had a surplus of players, offered to combine and play a friendly match of 10 vs 10. The forfeit win brings Hardwick to 2-2-1. Their next game will be July 10, when they face Barre in Barre.

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