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DPS to Conduct Statewide Drive Test of Mobile Wireless Coverage

MONTPELIER – The Department of Public Service (PSD) has announced that it will conduct new drive tests, in conjunction with the Agency of Transportation (AOT), to determine mobile wireless coverage throughout the state.

“Access to mobile wireless service is a top priority for Vermonters, for this administration, and for the department,” said PSD Commissioner June Tierney. “We all know that there are many areas of the state that lack service. The drive tests will help to identify those areas so we can prioritize them for new coverage.”

The drive tests are a collaboration by state agencies, and AOT will conduct the actual driving.

“Identifying areas that lack service is a critical step toward the expansion and improvement of mobile wireless service around the state, and we are glad to contribute to that effort,” said Transportation Secretary Joe Flynn. “Our maintenance employees will drive more than 6,500 miles this summer to gather data for our partners at PSD to use for this project.”

To conduct the analysis, the State of Vermont is partnering with Ookla, a global leader in network intelligence and connectivity insights. “We are confident that Ookla’s industry-leading Wind drive-test solution and Speedtest application will provide results that the state can rely on to identify areas that lack coverage,” said Ookla vice president of Smart Communities, Bryan Darr.

Mobile wireless consumers may also participate in the effort by conducting their own tests. Residents can use Speedtest to test the speed and performance of their mobile internet connection. Ookla will include the results of all consumer mobile wireless tests conducted with the Speedtest app with the results of the PSD and AOT drive tests.

“We encourage Vermonters to join us in conducting mobile wireless tests taken with Speedtest this summer,” said Commissioner Tierney.

For more information on how to participate, visit the PSD website at

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