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Update on the Gazette

by Ray Small, Editor

HARDWICK – The Gazette’s management is making slow but steady progress in revamping the newspaper to position it for sustainable survival and success.

As reported earlier, one priority is to transition the Gazette from a commercial operation to a nonprofit. The initial board has been recruited and work is underway to register the paper as a nonprofit, both with the IRS and with the State of Vermont. 

Another priority is the disposition of the Gazette building. The newsroom moved out of the building at the beginning of the year to reduce costs, especially for heating during the winter months. The Gazette building has a central place in Hardwick, both geographically and historically. Kim and I want the building to continue to play a pivotal role in the town’s life. So, instead of selling the building, we are in discussions to work out the details of donating the building to the Civic Standard, a new nonprofit that is focused on building community in Hardwick by organizing “events where everyone is welcome, and everyone comes.”

We are also looking at restarting the Gazette’s printed edition. The initial issue would be a test to see if we can generate enough newsstand and advertising revenue to pay for additional printed editions. The format under consideration is a monthly, featuring the previous week’s news, plus highlights from the previous month, though the initial issue may stretch back further in time for its highlights. A regular monthly printed issue (in addition to our weekly digital issues) that generates sufficient revenue may be a way back to weekly printed editions of the Gazette. If you have suggestions or questions about the print edition pilot, please let me know at

Last, but certainly not least, a big THANK YOU to the community journalists who have contributed to the Gazette’s coverage over the past several months. The quality of the writing has been excellent, and your articles and photos have been critical to keeping the Gazette going. I encourage other residents of the towns that the Gazette covers to expand our coverage of your town by becoming a community journalist. Contact me at to get started.

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