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A Candidate That Represents My Values

To the editor:

I am an independent voter, and for our August Primary, (and in November) I will be voting for Katherine Sims to return to Montpelier as our representative.

I don’t vote along party lines . . . I never have. I vote for the candidate that represents my values, and shows an ability to get things done for my town, and Vermont.

I appreciate candidates that can point out what they have done, or plan to do, for the community. We need more people that can get things done; and can stay focused on improving life in The Northeast Kingdom, and for all Vermonters. Katherine Sims remains an excellent choice for Vermont.

Katherine Sims has exhibited a true desire to display transparency in her very important work. Her “office hours” on the second Sunday of each month is just one example of how she has worked to stay connected with her constituents, and how she genuinely wants to hear about our ideas and concerns. Transparency has never been more needed in politics than it is now. Thank you, Katherine.

Katherine has worked across party lines in Montpelier to work on policies that improve, or build on, the needs of rural Vermonters. These include: A Balanced State Budget; Universal Broadband; Affordable Childcare; Infrastructure Investments; Tax Cuts; and Reproductive Rights.

Speaking of broadband, Katherine and I have served together on the NEK Broadband Committee. I have found her to be a positive, open listener. She is smart, focused, and resourceful. She displays a true desire to get things done.

Please join me in voting for Katherine Sims as our representative!

Rudy Chase


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