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Vote for Nichole Loati and Ben Olsen

To the editor:

Single party rule has never worked anywhere. Not in Moscow, not in Venezuela, not in California, and it won’t work in Vermont. California and Vermont have something in common. Both states have veto proof legislative bodies composed of Democrats. If you want to see what is in store for us, look at California which has had that kind of majority for a longer period of time. California is a disaster. People are leaving in droves and the state in near bankruptcy. Both are sanctuary states and both have defund the police movements. San Francisco has an army of homeless and undocumented immigrants living in the streets. Both states see homelessness and drug addiction as civil liberties that need to be protected. (they need intervention not enabling).

Both states have draconian climate change legislation. Please remember that they told us the Arctic would be ice free by 2014. There is obviously something wrong with their data. Nevertheless they press on with the so called climate emergence. The Global Solutions Act requires Vermont to sue itself if climate goals aren’t met. Not sure what form that will take but not apt to be pretty.

The governor should be able to veto legislation that doesn’t benefit the citizens but the Democratic majority overrides it and has done so several times.

We have two common-sense Republicans running for house seats. I urge voters to begin the process of restoring balance in the House by voting for Nichole Loati and Ben Olsen this fall.

Daniel St. John

East Calais

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