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Town Informational Event Details Finalized

by Gazette Staff

WOLCOTT – The Wolcott Select Board discussed topics ranging from the shortage of chloride for roads to the details of the upcoming town barbeque and information event.

The first topic for discussion came courtesy of Florence Falk, who lives on Town Hill Road. Falk informed the board that a large amount of dust enters her home from the dirt road, creating what she considers to be a health problem. She noted that chloride applied to the road helps cut down on the dust, but not for long. The board discussed recent dry spells and the difficulty the town has had obtaining chloride, which has been in short supply. Falk also noted that vehicles travel Town Hill Road at a high speed on weekday mornings and evenings and noted that the solar speed sign on Town Hill Road is poorly placed.

Next, select board Vice Chair Kurt Klein reported that Northstar Electric estimates it will cost $2,400 to run power to the new heater in the town garage and to repair the overhead lights. Klein also noted that the town has a contract with Bourne’s for the purchase of propane at $1.9530 per gallon through April 2024. The town has not had a contract for heating oil since May. Bourne’s could not quote a fixed price because the market is so volatile. Currently, the price is $4.29 per gallon.

The town received an offer of $25,000 as trade-in value for the town truck. The road crew was reported to be satisfied with that amount and the board determined to move forward with the trade-in and purchase of a new truck.

Painting will start on the town garage and the listers are working with CAI Technologies to make the tax maps and lister card information available to the public online.

The litter committee is in the process of working with an organization that would set up a bin at the transfer station for long-term collection of textiles.

The board continued its discussion of tire fees at the transfer station. For some size tires, the town is paying more for disposal of the tires than is being charged to customers. Following discussion, the board determined the new tire prices should be $5 for lawn mower tires; $6 for car tires less than 17 inches; $9 for car tires larger than 17 inches; $2 additional charge for a rim; $16 for a tractor trailer tire; $41 for a tractor tire; and $16 for a truck tire. The board voted to adopt the new pricing schedule, effective immediately.

NEK Broadband has brought to the attention of the board an opportunity to use approximately $53,000 in ARPA funds to have fiber installed in a section of Wolcott at the same time as installation is occurring in Craftsbury. The opportunity is available assuming Craftsbury builds out to the Wolcott town line. The area covered would probably be a portion of Town Hill Road, Cross Road, and a portion of East Hill Road. NEK Broadband will pledge matching funds so that $1 equals $3. Bruce Wheeler, Wolcott’s representative to NEK Broadband, discussed the proposal with the board. The board decided to seek answers to a few questions they have and discuss the issue further at the September 7 meeting. The deadline date for consideration is September 15.

The town’s planning commission met with a member of the Lamoille County Planning Commission (LCPC) to discuss a grant opportunity. The idea for the grant would be to have composting toilets on town property near the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT). Select board chair Linda Martin will follow up with LCPC for more information.

Martin reported that signs have been posted along roads in town advertising the community barbeque on August 26. The date on the signs can be changed from year to year, so the signs can be used again in future. Much like last year, hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn-on-the-cob will be provided to Wolcott residents. Information tables will be set up in the parking area around the town office so residents can find out more about current town issues. There will be events in the library and in the town garden and there will be games for children. The event will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The event is free, but donations will be accepted.

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