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Greensboro Association Award $25,000 to Organizations and Initiatives

photo by Hal Gray
A shoulder machine and three gravel trucks deposited gravel August 17, to build up the shoulders on
newly paved (July 1) East Craftsbury Road going
past Greensboro’s Highland Lodge.

GREENSBORO – For the fiscal year starting July 1, the Greensboro Association Grants Committee awarded $20,000 in grants to 16 organizations in addition to supporting the town initiatives, bringing the total grants amount to $25,000.

The committee invited organizations to apply for amounts up to $3,000 and have awarded several large grants which will have significant impact for small organizations. Grants awarded by the committee include: Greensboro Fire Department, $1,000; Greensboro Library, $1.000; Hardwick Rescue Squad, $1,000; Town Beach, $1,000; Ski Trails, $1,000, all for general funding.

Also, AWARE for operations, $3,000; Bend Revitalization for operations, $2,000; Craftsbury Saplings for operations, $500; Four Cs for traveling nurses, $1,000; Four Season Daycare food for 4,000 meals, $2,500; Cemetery Commission for headstone repair, $800; Community Garden seeds and operations, $500; Greensboro Fire Department for protective clothing, $1,000; Greensboro Historical Society for window shades, $500; Greensboro Library for summer programs and playground, $1,000; Greensboro Nursing Home for bladder scanner, $3,000; Greensboro Swim Program for instruction, $1,000; Hardwick Area Food Pantry for food, $1,000; Modern Times Theater for Halloween event, $1,000; Rural Arts for after-school programming, $1,000; Vermont Learning Support Initiative for neurodiverse support for children, $500.

The Greensboro Association’s mission is to conceive, advance, and support village initiatives and organizations that enhance the community, and to protect Caspian Lake and its surrounding environment. In support of this mission, the association’s grants committee encourages grant requests for specific initiatives and one-year community projects. For the first time this year we are supporting grants for operating expenses in addition to project based grants. $5000 of grants support five town initiatives yearly which include the ski trails, the Town Beach, the Greensboro Free Library, the Greensboro Fire Department and the Hardwick Rescue Squad. These entities are also entitled to apply for additional funding for special projects.

Through the Greensboro Association’s membership, grant amounts have nearly doubled since last year. Committee members include John Schweizer, co-chair; Karen Gowen co-chair; Anthony Acheson; Rick Lovett; Mike Metcaff; Tim Nisbet and Naomi Ranz-Schleifer.

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