Hot Dog and Marshmallow Roast August 28, Greensboro United Church of Christ

Rev. Sunday-Winters tends the fire after his emergency trip to Smith’s Store for more food due to the unexpected turn-out
Beth Belote joined the roast with her companion.
In the shade at the roasting event were Ken Johnston (Greensboro recycle volunteer) and Jannie Johnston (Meals on Wheels volunteer)
Christine Pierpont presented a birthday cake to Shelly Jungwirth, deacon of the church and holding box of candles.
Fellow roasters, young Patrick O’Brien standing next to 89-year old Clive Gray (seated)
Jill and John O’Brien (retired police officer, Fort Apache,The Bronx), grandparents of Patrick and Maureen Fay, joined their family at the roast.
Karl Dornseifer and his wife Terri Sugimoto joined the roast after his arrival from Champlain Orchards to help a cousin.
Dirk Lorenz (left) tries multiple hot dogs on a stick with Rick Lovett (right).
Jenny Fay (O’Brien’s daughter) and Dave Fay with their two children Patrick and Maureen roasted marshmallows for s’mores.