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Katherine’s Values Are Clear

To the editor:

Here are some of the reasons why I support Katherine Sims as the State Rep. for Craftsbury, Greensboro, Albany and Glover: She’s responsive. When a state policy issue of concern was brought to her attention late last year – the PFAS contamination in the Craftsbury Common water supply – she dug right in. She got up to speed on the complicated issue, connected with those who could assist, convened interested parties and facilitated a dialogue with state officials including helping the Fire District navigate complex state funding options.

Katherine has made a difference in her first term at the State House. For many years I worked in state government including sitting in on statehouse deliberations. I’ve heard from former colleagues, including Committee Chairs regarding Katherine’s persistence and dedication to, not only fully understanding legislative process and content, but also making sure bills serve our region and the rural economy. Long after she puts her kids to bed, she’s researching issues and responding to her constituents.

She is the clerk for the House’s Rural Caucus. The caucus spent last summer and fall visiting and interviewing folks in the forest products industry. This resulted in several state policy changes that Katherine championed. Portions of the 2022 Rural Economic Development Omnibus Bill include funding to help municipalities switch to locally grown advanced wood heat for public buildings instead of fossil fuels and sensibly easing Act 250 requirements for forest-based enterprises.

Her work on the House Energy and Technology Committee led directly to expanded broadband funding in the NEK.

Katherine’s values are clear. Her priorities include making sure all voices are heard and easing the economic burdens and increasing the quality of life for low and moderate income families. She strongly supports the notion that reproductive decisions are between a woman and her doctor, family, and spiritual advisors. The state and federal governments should not dictate these strictly private matters.

She is transparent and is in continuous contact with her constituents. Check out her website or newsletter or attend one of her virtual monthly office hours during the legislative session where all are welcome to hear what’s going on in Montpelier and share what matters most to you.

I have known Katherine for several years now. She is smart, capable, an outstanding mother and leader that I am proud to have representing us.

Gina Campoli

Craftsbury Common

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