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Apathy Kills Democracy

To the editor:

Although the August Vermont primary was touted as the second-highest turnout in a summer primary, only 26% of eligible voters exercised their right to vote. 26%!! That means 74% did not bother to participate.

Our democratic republic is being threatened by election deniers in Congress and radical right-wing militia. Our educational system is being attacked by the likes of Governors De Santis and Greg Abbott and their rabid followers. Our Supreme Court has been taken over by Federalist Society appointees who believe they have the right to determine the reproductive health of women. Our world is now in the sixth Great Extinction of wildlife, and the climate crisis only worsens, but only 26% went out to vote!!

If you are worried about all of the above as I am, it is critical for everyone to be engaged now to protect our democracy, reproductive rights and our endangered planet. The November election is only 60 days away.

Please join a bunch of local volunteers who are engaged in supporting Democrat and Progressive candidates in the important swing states. Even only a few hours/month from your own home can make a difference. Contact me at

Bob Hawk

E. Hardwick

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