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Volunteer Dog Shares His Love

photo by Joni Larow
Oliver kisses the hand of a Greensboro Nursing Home
photo by Hal Gray
Greensboro Nursing Home staff member Joni Larow and Sabrina Peck hold Oliver after his volunteer job is over.
photo by Gaj Birur
Oliver gets a bath at home before his first day back at his volunteer job at the Greensboro Nursing Home.
photo by Joni Larow
A Greensboro Nursing Home resident welcomes Oliver with a pat on the head.

by Hal Gray

GREENSBORO – Oliver the dog loves people and shows this when brought to the Greensboro Nursing Home (GNH) by owner Sabrina Peck on August 29.

Under the watchful eye of Joni Larow (GNH rehab director and activity director), Oliver adds a cheery diversion as he meets with some of the home’s residents. Sabrina introduces Oliver cautiously to people reflecting an interest.

Oliver was found abandoned in 2016, then perhaps almost a year old, on a golf course in southern California. Oliver is coy about his parentage but appears to be a Corgi-Pomeranian mix. Oliver travels to Vermont each summer with his owners Sabrina, a retired linguistics professor, and her husband Gaj Birur, a space engineer. This is Oliver’s fourth year visiting at GNH, which he does for a little while two mornings a week.

GNH encourages visits by people willing to share an interest in their pets or hobbies (singing or playing a musical instrument, telling stories, sharing photos). Those interested should contact Larow to discuss ideas for sharing with residents, most of whom are from around greater Greensboro area.

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