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Kudos for Hardwick Rescue Squad

To the editor:

To anyone who might hesitate calling the Hardwick Rescue Squad in a time of distress or emergency, please don’t. My brother-in-law collapsed after spending too much time in our hot tub. The rest of the family were in a panic, especially since he wasn’t breathing properly and throwing up, while at the same time claiming he didn’t want an ambulance.

We called anyway and the dispatcher assured us that he would only be transported to the hospital if the EMT crew, Eric, Buffy and Todd, determined that it was necessary. They were so kind, non-judgmental, thorough and above all professional!! And they determined that my brother-in-law didn’t need to be transported, even though somewhat shaky still and very embarrassed, and explained what to look for if he should take a turn for the worse.

I and the entire family were so impressed with the critical service the Hardwick Rescue Squad offers to our community. Please support them financially when they ask. It could save your life.

Bob Hawk

East Hardwick

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