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Rep. Katherine Sims Equals Effective Leadership

To the editor:

Rep. Katherine Sims is an effective leader.

As a long-time advocate of rural broadband, I witnessed Katherine’s exceptional leadership in fighting for investment in broadband for the Northeast Kingdom.

As a woodlot manager, I was impressed with Sims’s work on the future of Vermont’s forestry and forest economy. In her first term in the Vermont Legislature, she sponsored an excellent bill on Vermont forestry that became a law.

As a father and grandfather, I share her belief that equal rights, including reproductive freedom, is a fundamental right for all.

As a voting citizen, I want my representative to be a positive influence for our state. Katherine Sims Is that positive influence, and she sits at the table where decisions are made about legislative action.

In this election, redistricting has placed two incumbents against each other. They differ on most issues.

I am voting for Katherine Sims for reelection to the Vermont House.

I hope you vote for Katherine Sims.

Dave Stoner

Craftsbury Common

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