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Trail Runners Grind Groton Forest Run

photo by Barb Flint
Tim Hogeboom of Walden leads a pack of runners at the start of Saturday’s Groton Forest Run 10k. The spry 71-year old placed 12th of 41 finishers in the trail race, which included ascending and descending Little Deer Mountain. 

MARSHFIELD – Fair weather prevailed for the Fourth Annual Groton State Forest Trail Marathon on September 11. The event included 26.5-mile, 15-mile, and 10k races. Adventurous entrants traversed technical trails and forest roads, with a few mountain peaks tossed in.

Twenty-five athletes finished the rugged 26.5-mile marathon course, which included challenging treks around Kettle Pond and Osmore Pond.

The 26.5-mile winner was Mead Bihammer, 27, from Attleboro, Mass. He ground through the rugged terrain in a course record time of three hours, 44 minutes, and 32 seconds. Amy Rusiecki, 43, from South Deerfield, Mass., was the first female finisher. She placed eighth overall, in 5:03:35.

Sixty-five runners completed the 15-mile trail race option. John Kinnee, 43, from West Townsend, Mass., and Christina Vetter, 44, from Burlington, were the fastest male and female finishers. Their respective times were 2:06:23 and 2:23:42.

photo by Barb Flint
Elizabeth McCarthy, 69, from Walden, finished the Groton Forest Run 10k race seven minutes faster than last year. Her time was 1:18:58.

Ricky McLain, 36, from Cabot, finished second in the 15-mile race. A knee issue caused him to drop down from the 26.5-mile trail race he ran last year at Groton His base fitness and cycling preparation, along with course familiarity, led to a strong finish in 2:13:12.

“I love these trails and this event,” said McLain. “The knee and some back niggles led to one of the most unconventional race buildups. I went out conservatively, but still found myself in second by just over two miles in. I felt good except for leg cramps the last three miles and a fall in the last half mile (on a smooth dirt road, go figure). Happy with the day, thankful for the trails and the friends out there!” 

Dylan Broderick, 31, from Montpelier, won the 26.5-mile marathon at last year’s event. Like McLain, the ultramarathoner ran the 15-mile race this year. Broderick went the distance two weeks after recovering from COVID-19. She finished runner-up in the women’s division, in 2:26:54.

photo by Barb Flint
Groton Forest Run race director Mark Howard claps as Tim Seaver of Calais wins the 10k trail race on September 10. Seaver, 60, finished in 59:43. The course included a thousand feet of elevation gain.

The 10k trail race included three runners from the greater Hardwick area. Tim Seaver, 60, from Calais, took the early lead. Seaver and two other runners made a couple of wrong turns early in the race. After doubling back, Seaver retook the lead in the technical middle section of the course. Running with screws in his shoes for traction, he added to his margin on the climb and descent of Little Deer Mountain. He finished in 59:43 to notch the victory.

Tim Hogeboom and Elizabeth McCarthy, from Walden, navigated the 10k race without wrong turns or falls. Hogeboom, 71, placed 12th of 41 finishers, in 1:09:26. He was the fastest age 70+ runner in the race. McCarthy, 69, placed 27th overall, in 1:18:58. Her time was seven minutes faster than last year’s 1:26:22 finish.

photo courtesy of Kent Shaw
Maxfield English, from Wolcott, approaches the finish line at the Elmore 5k Run/Walk on September 3. English has had a string of top finishes in summer races. He earned runner-up honors in the Elmore 5k.

Modry and English Lead Locals at Elmore 5k

ELMORE – The Third Annual Elmore 5k Run/Walk was held on September 3. The mostly flat, out-and-back course started at the Elmore town garage and proceeded along Beach Road past the Elmore State Park and back to Vermont Rte. 12. Participants included 85 women and girls and 59 men and boys.

George Aitken, 28, from Waterbury Center, edged out Wolcott’s Maxfield English, 46, to win the race. Their times were 17:40 and 17:51. Wolcott runners Raymond Boutin (19:14) and Christopher Trajkovski (19:37) placed third and fifth in the men’s division.

In the women’s division, Greensboro’s Rose Modry, 43, had a close race with Sarah Waterman Manning, 38, from Morrisville. Modry won the contest, 21:09 to 21:17. Modry’s time of 21:09 improved on her fourth-place finish last year in 22:50. Ailynne Adams of Craftsbury placed fifth for the women in 24:41.

photo courtesy of Kent Shaw
Rose Modry, from Greensboro, flashes a big smile as she sails to victory in the women’s division of the Elmore 5k. Modry moved up from a fourth-place finish in last year’s race.

Wolcott participants Jessica Boutin (25:38), Melissa Volansky (26:40), Laura Kalp (27:50), Denni Niles (31:11), and Alison Fischman (38:19) finished in the top half of women and girls, along with Craftsbury’s Sarah Skelding (26:56).

Sodom Pond Run Around September 21

ADAMANT – Central Vermont Runners hosts its annual four-mile run around Sodom Pond on Wednesday, Sept. 21, beginning at 6 p.m. The hilly dirt-road course begins in front of the Adamant Co-op. Online registration closes on September 19. Day of race registration is available. Additional details are at

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