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Are You Better Off?

To the editor:

Are you better off today than you were two years ago? I doubt it.
Why? The policies and programs of Democrats, both in Washington and Vermont, have made it harder for families to survive.

The Vermont Clean Heat Standard (H.715) was vetoed by Governor Phil Scott. The Legislature failed to override his veto by just one vote. The CHS purported to reduce Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions from the thermal sector. In the whole picture, Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions are miniscule.

The CHS was to be administered by the Public Utility Commission with assistance from the Clean Heat Standard Technical Advisory Group and the Equity Advisory Group. It called for minimizing adverse impacts to low-income and moderate-income customers and those households with the highest energy burdens. Would you have to disclose your income to your fuel dealer? The record keeping required by this bill would be burdensome on the fuel dealers, especially the small dealers.

In just the first year, $1,200,000.00 would have been appropriated for the Public Utility Commission and Department of Public Service to create new positions.

When Representative Katherine Sims voted to override the veto, she explained her vote, in part, “The long-term solution to high heating costs is to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. The CHS will help Vermonters transition to a cleaner, more predictable, more affordable energy future…”

Ask Californians who can’t run their air conditioners or charge their electric vehicles if renewable energy is more predictable.

We need to re-elect Representative Vicki Strong, a Legislator who puts Vermonters first.

Jeannine A. Young

Craftsbury Common

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