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Caspian Lake Wise Assessment Leads to Community Wastewater Project

by Hal Gray

Community Journalist

GREENSBORO – Greensboro’s seven Cheney Road loop property owners have banded together to build a community wastewater dispersal system across Craftsbury Road from Perron’s red barn. The system will deliver timed charges of treated effluent via pressurized drip tubing into a technically advanced leach field and comply with all current wastewater regulations. Spearheaded by resident Stew Arnold, the current project came together after his property, on Caspian’s shore, had a Lake Wise assessment done in 2021. 

Lake Wise is a program developed by the state to provide lake-shore owners with education about what they can do to protect lake water quality. Ideas for best management practices in four categories: shoreline; driveways; recreation/lawns; and septic and structures, are offered.

A homeowner who invites the evaluation and education will hear ideas such as where to increase native vegetation on the lake shore, divert silt with water bars in driveways, add rain gardens for infiltration, and/or enhance aging septic service. Arnold believes the program can help slow the increasing amount of phosphorus entering Caspian Lake by better managing run-off.

Arnold’s interest over the years in lake water quality has led to his leadership in Caspian Lake Protection and participation on the Stewards of the Greensboro Watersheds. These committees recently merged into the “Lakes and Environmental Stewardship” Committee of the Greensboro Association which he co-chairs with JoAnn Hanowski, former chair of Stewards.

Arnold encourages all lake shore property owners to sign up for a Lake Wise assessment and is available to discuss the Cheney Road Wastewater project at (802) 533-2356 or email    

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