Questions to Ask

To the editor:

As you cast your vote during this upcoming election – ask yourself:

1. Do I like heating my home with wood products?
2. Do I like the freedom to carry my firearms?
3. Can I afford an electric car? Where and how much will it cost to charge it?
4. Who is supporting our veterans?
5. More free/give away programs = higher taxes (we can support our local families without state and government intervention)!
6. How is my 401K account/future savings doing? Grocery bill? Heating bill?
7. Will my vote protect our children who are dying from suicide, drug abuse, depression, and mental anguish! There is no economic limit on whose children are affected!
8. Broadband has been promised since Shumlin Days and legislators from both sides of the aisle have voted to support these bills! But money hasn’t been prioritized to support this effort. It’s coming someday like winter!

Please join me in voting for and re-electing our state and local “Republicans” as they are working to uphold our constitutional freedoms. They will provide credible information for you to make the best decisions for your families! Don’t leave it up to more federal and state mandates!

Cynthia “Cindy” Lawrence Corkins