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Representative Katherine Sims is Committed to Connection

To the editor:

Rural life depends on connections to neighbors, to community institutions and to the wider world as a source of information about changes that are surely coming down the road. These connections are at the heart of Katherine Sims’ political life.

Just as we can’t pull our own car out of the ditch when we slide off an icy road, Sims understands that we fulfill many of our common needs by working together. Talking with Katherine, you can almost see the wheels turning as she connects your concerns to the organizations and people who can offer insight, guidance and support. Making these vital connections encourages us to take responsible civic action.

Working on a dairy farm put Katherine in contact with the needs of our rural economy, particularly the need for broadband internet. She connected our town with NEK Broadband, enabling us to use some of our ARPA funds to increase fiber-to-the-home coverage by about 60%. She engaged the PUC to understand why Green Mountain Power hasn’t fulfilled its promise to lessen the adverse impact of wind turbines along the Lowells.
Let’s honor the past by building a better future. Let’s re-elect Representative Katherine Sims.

Brian Machesney

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