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Chip Troiano Serves Us Well

To the editor:

Chip Troiano has been Hardwick, Walden and Stannard’s State Representative for eight years. I see him at many events where he is always willing to listen to concerns and issues that are important to me and others.

Chip learned a great deal about things in our environment that harm bees, birds and insects in response to concerns from his constituents. He has been a lead sponsor on three bills aimed at helping pollinators that are critically important to Vermont’s local food supply.

Chip takes an interest in what’s important to those of us who live in his district and not on a personal agenda. His experience in the criminal justice system as an investigator makes him a valuable resource for those in the Statehouse working on criminal justice reform. He is a Vietnam vet who brings that experience to advocating for veteran’s issues while he serves as vice chair of the House Committee on General, Housing and Military Affairs. His concern for the well-being of older Vermonters is second to none, which has led him to be an important advocate for affordable housing and other important senior issues. His interest in mental health issues, challenges facing younger Vermonters, and Internet access make him an important resource in our rural area.

I will vote for Chip on Tuesday, Nov. 8, and hope you will too.

Paul Fixx


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