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Library Director Sammet to Retire

HARDWICK — The Board of Trustees of the Jeudevine Library announces that Lisa Sammet, library director for the past 22 years, will retire on the last day of 2022.

She began as library director in May 2000 at the rate of $7.50 per hour, with a helper for a couple hours a week. She did all the cleaning. At the time, few people used the library, for it was dusty and the books were mostly too old to be of interest. Over the past 22 years, Sammet has brought the library forward into the new century, to the point where the library is a vital part of the community. Many people make a special trip to Hardwick because the Jeudevine, despite its tiny size, has a consistently fresh collection of new books.   

Sammet has done much of this by her own diligence and perseverance, writing grants for equipment and books, making computers available (along with the help to use them), and creating a suite of programming for both adults and children.

The other piece of Sammet’s legacy is her work toward expanding the historic library to be more of a full community center. Much of this work was done in donated hours. 

Sammet has made scores and scores of friends in the years she has been the library director, and all are invited to take part in a celebration of her retirement, on a date and place to be determined. 

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