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The Gazette’s Community Journalism Initiative: 

[Editor’s Note: Community Journalists have been contributing to the Gazette’s coverage since January. Their help has been critical and the quality of their submissions has been outstanding (thank you!). However, the Gazette needs additional Community Journalists to help out those who have been valiantly covering their towns to date. Please consider covering your town for the Gazette.]

Why does the Gazette need community journalists?

Two reasons: to survive (that’s a biggie) and to provide better coverage of your town (also very important). Like many local weekly newspapers, the Gazette needs to change its business model – or close. Volunteer journalists have been doing a great job covering events in their towns. However, we need additional Community Journalists to expand our coverage of your town.

Do I need experience in journalism?

Nope. The most important attribute you need is a desire to share what’s happening in your town with your neighbors. The Gazette staff will edit, format, and publish your article. 

What topics can I write about?

Pretty much anything that you think folks in your town should know about: select board meetings, school board meetings, school and community events, what’s happening at the library or historical society or church or care center or general store or community organization, or something interesting that someone in town has done. Or something I didn’t put on this list. A news article should answer some (or all) of the following: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? 

How about photos?

Yes, please.

What if not enough people submit content?

Sadly, and reluctantly, the Gazette will be shut down.

What if I have questions or need advice?

An easy first step is to look at articles published in the Gazette: What do they cover? How are they written? If that doesn’t do the trick, send your question(s) to We’ll be happy to help out via email, over the phone, or over a cup of coffee (COVID permitting). 

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