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She is One of the Hardest-working Members

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Katherine Sims’ reelection to the Vermont House of Representatives for Orleans District and I encourage you to vote for her in this upcoming election.

I have served in the Vermont House with Katherine for the past two terms. Katherine and I have had occasion to work together on a number of issues that have benefited the citizens of Vermont.

Katherine is a pleasure to work with, she has a great understanding of the issues and always comes down on the side of our most needy Vermonters. We collaborated on school funding, when I was focused on our committee bills I went to Katherine to consult on a bill for education funding. She and I sat and she was a wealth of information on the pupil weighting study and we both supported the bill that passed to bring more funding to school districts with the greatest need.

Katherine is one of the hardest working members in the building.

Rep. Chip Troiano, Caledonia 2


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