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The People Will be Listened-to in Montpelier

To the editor:

Good morning from Stannard, Vermont. I am writing this letter in support of our Representative Chip Troiano, who will be on the ballot for re-election this November. I trust, that as long as he is in the Statehouse, the people who work and live here will be listened to in Montpelier, because Chip listens.

His work there is relevant to our needs, in regards to the comfort of our older citizens, in regards to our youth and their educational needs, in regards to our small farms and the sustainability of our ever threatened environment.

He is aware of the support families need in crisis, the number of children in foster care, the devastating impact that addiction has had in our small towns, the lack of affordable housing for people who are trying so hard to get their lives together, but always seem to come up short.

Politics have gotten crazy, there are people who want to get involved in governing, yet have no idea of how legislation works, no idea of what keeps the wheels on the bus. All they know is that if they yell loud enough about single issues and make people afraid, they may get elected. There are a lot of showboats out there, Chip is not a showboat. He has the experience, he knows what matters at the end of the day, after all the bluster is over. Experience matters, all of our citizens matter, employment matters, housing matters, thriving farms matter, the security of our families matter, opportunity matters.

His service to this country has been verified, from his youth, he did not hide from it or run away from it or seek excuses to avoid it. He still wants to serve. Please encourage him by re electing him to the Statehouse this November. Please Vote For Chip Troiano, if you, too want to be heard.

Elizabeth Hook


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