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He is an Advocate for Our Needs

To the editor:

I am writing today in support of our local representative, Chip Troiano, who is seeking

re-election this November.

In my interactions as a resident of Hardwick, I’ve found Chip to be an advocate for and

supporter of local projects to help improve the town, such as the expansion of the Jeudevine

Library. Chip has also been a sponsor of all legislation attempting to address systemic racism in

Vermont that has come forward in his time in office, and has taken an active and engaged role

in combating that threat in our district through interactions with residents as well as his

membership in the Hardwick Equity Committee since its inception two years ago.

As a small business owner here in Hardwick, Chip has been an advocate for our needs

and concerns, making an effort to keep us in the loop about relevant legislation and discussion

happening in the statehouse. He is an ally in our goals of growing and sustaining a vibrant

downtown. He believes in the strength that comes from a diverse, engaged community.

Chip has also always stood with our Veterans. As a Vietnam Veteran himself, the issues

facing members of the Armed Services are close to his heart. He has voiced strong support for

a national Burn Pit Registry to streamline disability claims for Veterans who have been exposed

to toxic burn pits in Afghanistan and Iraq and sponsored the National Guard free college tuition

bill which provides access to college education all the way through graduate school.

Chip is a thoughtful, measured person seeking the best way forward for his constituents and his

state, and we are lucky to have him as long as he’s willing to serve. I hope you will vote for him

this November.

Milo Tandy


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