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Let’s Return Him for Another Two Years

To the editor:

I’m voting for Chip Troiano for state representative in November. He’s represented Hardwick, Stannard and Walden for four terms. Let’s return him to Montpelier for another two years.

I first met Chip years ago after a Spring Festival parade in Hardwick. He was in the Color Guard at the head of the parade and is there like clock work year after year. Now, as a long-time member of the General Housing and Military Affairs Committee in the Vermont House — he’s now the vice chair — Chip has always worked to meet veterans’ needs.

A combat veteran of the Vietnam War, Chip knows a soldier’s war doesn’t end after being sent back home. All wars linger for those who were in them. He sponsored legislation for the Burn Pit Registry as Vermont Congressman Peter Welch pushed for the Pact Act, which passed and will clear the way for veterans who are suffering from the effects of the burn pits in Afghanistan and Iraq. These open pits burned 24-7 spewing toxic smoke over an entire base. As a result of Chip’s work and that of Congressman Welch, veterans will be able to make claims for disability from the Veterans Administration.

Congressman Welch recognized Chip for his work on the Vermont Burn Pit Registry to track soldiers and veterans who may have been exposed. Chip was asked by Gov. Scott to speak at the public signing of the registry bill at Norwich University.

Chip was also one of the lead sponsors of the bill to provide National Guard members free college tuition. This past year, that was expanded to include graduate degrees.

As our state representative, Chip has also kept track of sexual harassment in the National Guard and worked for the inclusion of women in higher ranking positions in the Guard.

As a veteran, it’s understandable Chip focuses on issues of importance to those who served in the military, but he advances other matters, as well. I’m a member of the Jeudevine Memorial Library Board of Trustees in Hardwick. Chip has done what he can to be eyes and ears in Montpelier as the board sought funding for the library’s much-needed and anticipated addition.

Chip uses his time to address the concerns and needs of all residents in the three towns in his district. I encourage voters to join me in casting their ballots for Chip.

Ross Connelly


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