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He Understands This Corner of Vermont

To the editor:

I am writing to encourage the citizens of Hardwick, Walden and Stannard to re-elect Chip Troiano to the Vermont House of Representatives.

Chip knows and understands our corner of Vermont so well. He has lived in Stannard for decades. He spent his work life crisscrossing the Northeast Kingdom. Over the course of those many miles and many years, he witnessed the challenges that some Vermonters confront each day as they work to make ends meet. He took note of the struggle with low wage jobs, and the tragic impact of opiate addiction. He understands the daunting task of balancing employment while finding dependable day care for one’s children.

Throughout his years of service as our representative, Chip has worked to improve the lives of Vermonters and Vermont families. His goal is, and has been, to remove obstacles to success, to champion equality for all, to proactively address health care concerns: from access to opiates to womens’ autonomy over their bodies, and to provide a leg-up for our neediest citizens.

I am grateful for the service Chip has given us in recent years. His work extends far beyond the four-month legislative session. He is so very approachable, and he welcomes conversation and respectful debate. I am pleased that he still harbors the passion to work on behalf of us all. Please join me in providing Chip with a resounding thank you this election season by returning him to Montpelier with his highest vote total ever.

Brendan Buckley

East Hardwick

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