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Vote to Make Your Own Decisions

To the editor:

Republicans talk a lot about freedom while at the same time trying to limit our access to reproductive health care. What is freedom if not the right to make medical decisions regarding your own body. When politicians try to implement laws that codify their religious beliefs on others it infringes on my religious freedom. I don’t care if it is a fundamentalist Christian, Islamic, or Hindu religious belief: it has no part in what should be the secular decision-making of the government, or laws that I want to be governed by.

In the last two years, 20% of the laws sponsored by Rep. Vicki Strong were relating to restricting abortion or creating fetal person-hood. I want the difficult decisions relating to reproduction to stay a decision made by a woman and her doctor. I will be voting in support of Proposition 5/Article 22 amendment to the Vermont Constitution and casting my vote for Rep. Katherine Sims. Vote for the freedom to make your own decisions without religious intrusion.

Sam Young


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