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November Temperatures

For those who marvel at the turn of each season, there is a bonus in November. A minor season to most, this is the “locking” season, when the ground, at times muddy through the month, stiffens with the deepening cold. Smaller ponds may freeze over, while the larger lakes occasionally see fingers of ice creeping out from the shore. Light is precious and rare this month, the last champion of autumn gold, the tamarack trees glow against the brown hillsides during the first few weeks, while the season’s first snowfall may arrive later on to change the scenery overnight. November was known to the Anglo-Saxons as “winde monathe,” a tribute to the increase of storms this time of year. Lingering warmth in the southern states and in the oceans, represents a lot of energy and moisture. Should an early outbreak of cold collide with the warmth, then a major storm might emerge to whip rain or early snow through the bare limbs of the trees. The gales of November sank the ship, the Edmund Fitzgerald, memorialized in song by Gordon Lightfoot. In contrast, a late interlude of mild, hazy sun was known as “St. Martin’s Summer” to European settlers. November Records and Averages: warmest, 42.6°F in 1948; coldest,  27.2°F in 1904; wettest, 9.34 inches in 1927; snowiest, 26.4 inches in 1921.
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