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Mass for the Patron Saint of Poultry

by Elizabeth McCarthy

Kindness came to our country road.

One morning we passed a sign above a yellow plastic crate,

“Free eggs Sundays at 11:30 am”

as if the church announced Mass for the Patron Saint of Poultry.

We returned on Sunday morning for fresh offerings

lovely speckled brown, sky blue, pinkish cream eggs,

and gently carried them home.

Down the road, another sign, “Free squash”

summer’s yellow goose-neck gourds, cabbage,

green zucchini laid upon a saw-horse table.

As if a produce shelf had wandered off

from the confusing aisles of Whole Foods Market

wanting to be free from its sterile space

and move to the country.

All summer, edible gifts appeared alongside our dirt road,

the Sunday eggs and the farmer’s bounty!

A cornucopia of kindness in this world hungry for grace.

[Elizabeth McCarthy lives in Walden.]

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