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Waste Compost Station was my Solution

To the editor;

I enthusiastically support Vermont’s effort to minimize landfill usage. I try to use everything twice, and I recycle everything I can. I have a compost bin, and I compost what I can, but some stuff just doesn’t break down in my composter. I know it’s illegal to send food waste to the land fill, but I did — bones, mango pits, avocado skins, etc.

Then Black Dirt Farm installed a food-waste compost station in my neighborhood. Now I have a place for peach pits, chicken skin, avocado pits, and other stuff my composter can’t handle. I just dump it in the bin and add some of the wood chips Black Dirt supplies. Their truck comes and regularly empties the bin, hoses it out, and hauls the contents to their commercial composting stations that can handle everything my little bin can’t. After using the compost station in my neighborhood for about a month, I realized that the only stuff I send to the land fill now is packaging that I can’t recycle — most of it plastic. Eventually we may get plastic packaging under control, but for now it feels good to stop sending food waste to the landfill.

To learn more about Black Dirt’s program of neighborhood food waste pods, go to and see where you can find the one closest to you.

Elizabeth H. Dow


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