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Hardwick Police Media Log

March 13: Directed Patrol, S. Main St.; Threats/Harassment, Woodbury St.; Suspicious Event, High St.; Assist – Public, West Hill Road; Traffic Stop, Vt. Rte. 15 W/Kate Brook Rd.; Traffic Stop, Lower Cherry St.; Assault, Vt. Rte. 15 West.

March 14: Welfare Check, Highland Ave.; Assault, Slapp Hill, Suspicious Event, Church St.; Assist – Public, Dale St.; TRO/FRO Violation, Dutton Road; Assist – Public, Vt. Rte. 15 W.

March 15: Traffic Stop, S. Main St./Wolcott St.; Traffic Hazard, Center Road/Porter Brook Road; Fingerprints, High St.; TRO/FRO Service, Woodbury St.; Overdose, High St.; Mental Health Incident, Church St.

March 16: Directed Patrol, S. Main St.; Suspicious Event, Dutton Road; Threats/Harassment, High St.; Suspicious Event, Maple St.; Directed Patrol, Hazen Union Drive; Assist – Agency, Vt. Rte. 14.

March 17: Directed Patrol, S. Main St.; Abandoned Vehicle, Vt. Rte. 15 W; Assist – Public, Maple St.; Suspicious Event, Houston Hill Road; Citizen Dispute, Hays Drive; Suspicious Event, Wolcott St.; Accident – Property Damage Only, Vt. Rte. 14; TRO/FRO Service, High St.

March 18: Medical, Vt. Rte. 14 S; Theft, Church St.; Assist – Agency, Vt. Rte. 15; Welfare Check, Maple St.; Littering, Tucker Brook Road; Snowmobile, Hardwick.

March 19: Parking Problem, Highland Ave.; Traffic Stop, Vt. Rte. 14; Fire, Cherry St.

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