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Local Storytellers Share Lost-and-found Journey

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by Morgan Montminy, Community Journalist

PLAINFIELD – Mosaic Vermont will host a live storytelling event at the Plainfield Opera House on April 29, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., featuring eight local storytellers who will share their stories.

With the help of Sue Schmidt from “The Moth,” these storytellers have crafted and workshopped their stories to prepare for the live event. The event will have an ASL interpreter available and the venue is wheelchair accessible.

Light refreshments and popcorn will be available.

“Sharing our stories is a courageous assertion that we matter; it’s saying that our experiences are important and worth reflecting on. The listener has an essential role; they are receiving the storyteller’s vulnerability, and if they listen with compassion, affirming their humanity.

Storytelling is an act of community building – hearing others’ stories can make us feel less alone, we can be inspired, our perspective can be expanded, and we can find new ways to appreciate each other. Storytelling is also a way to occupy our own narratives of what has happened in our lives, to reclaim ourselves from the various forms of violence we may have experienced, and to build our capacity for self-definition and autonomy,” says Lenna Wertenbaker of Mosaic Vermont.

Mosaic Vermont is an organization that helps survivors of sexual violence in Washington County, whose mission is to heal communities and end sexual violence. Mosaic advocates are available at (802) 479-5577 or for more information at (802) 476-1388.