Annual Community Events Scheduled for Sept. 8

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by Gazette Staff

WOLCOTT – At its regular May 3 meeting, the Wolcott Select Board reviewed the status of items on the board’s to-do list, discussed how to improve the hybrid meeting experience, and agreed a date for this year’s community event.

In the project manager report, vice-chair Kurt Klein updated the board on the list of activities discussed at the May 3 meeting. Website updates continue. The North Wolcott Road paving bids have been received and the recently purchased guardrails should be installed in May. The tax sale on the property at 74 School Street has been completed. The application period is open for the Municipal Energy Resilience Program.

The board discussed the Phase 2 Brownfield Study on the Vermont Route 15 property owned by Champlain Oil. The propane rate with Bourne’s Energy is following the market. The town has registered with the state to participate in the opioid settlement and is working with the Lamoille County Planning Commission (LCPC) on Grants in Aid. The town will consider leasing land from the state
along Railroad Street to allow for snow removal. And Bob Hoadley will be working as handyman for the town.

Introducing the next agenda item, board Chair Linda Martin noted that a complaint has been filed with the Superior Court against the town and the town clerk regarding a tax sale property. The board will talk with the town’s tax attorney for a recommendation on whether to retain counsel.

Martin also noted that the DRB and the planning commission can each have up to nine members. They presently have five, so membership can be expanded.

The next item for discussion focused on holding hybrid meetings. Dolan Patrick described for the board how the hybrid meeting experience can be improved with a second monitor. A second 70-inch monitor would require a wall mount, and a second video card might be needed. After discussion, the board voted to purchase the required equipment, using ARPA funds.

The next topic was the annual community event. The goal of the event is to show folks in town what the board is working on and increase awareness. The board agreed the best date for this year’s event would be Friday, September 8. A committee made up of residents needs to be formed. It was suggested the elementary school be involved.

Next, board Chair Linda Martin suggested that Wolcott hold a contest for Wolcott residents to submit photos of how they are enjoying the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT) throughout the seasons. Winning entries would appear in the 2023 Town Report.

The Lamoille County Planning Commission (LCPC) annual meeting will be held on June 10, in Wolcott. LCPC will showcase the work they are doing in town involving the old schoolhouse, the LVRT, and the Wolcott Town Forest. LCPC has secured funds to help with the design and permitting for a parking area for snowmobile trailers by the ballfields.