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Pasture Walks Begin June 9

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BURLINGTON – Two summer pasture walks, hosted by University of Vermont (UVM) Extension, will give farmers an insight into how to enhance bird, bee and beneficial insect habitats on their pastures and farms. The walks are free, but registration is required.

Farmers will hear from the owners of the host farms as well as a number of UVM experts who will discuss ways pollinators and beneficial insects can benefit livestock and rotational grazing systems. They also will learn what they can do to protect and encourage the presence of these species on their farms.

Presenters include Extension Pollinator Support Specialist Laura Johnson, Extension Dairy Specialist Kelsie Meehan, Extension Grazing Specialist Amber Reed and UVM Extension Postdoctoral Research Fellow Bryony Sands. Both walks will run from 10 a.m. to noon.

On June 9, Ryan and Rachel Gray will lead a tour of their Owl’s Head Farm, a pick-your-own blueberry operation and sheep farm in Richmond. Participants will learn how pollinators and other insects are beneficial to both their berry crop and livestock systems.

Ashlyn Bristle and Abraham McClurg, owners of Rebop Farm in Brattleboro, will host a pasture walk on July 19. They operate a diversified and pasture-based livestock and dairy operation.

To register for either or both walks, contact Kelsie Meehan at (802) 656-4829 or kelsie.meehan@uvm.edu. To request a disability-related accommodation to participate, contact her at least three weeks prior to the event.