HCA Hosts Fairy Festival August 5

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courtesy photo
The Vermont Fairy Queen and her unicorn will be visiting the Highland Center for the Arts on Saturday, Aug. 5, for the annual Fairy Festival.

by David Kelley, Community Journalist

GREENSBORO – According to Teelie’s Fairy Garden, many fairies, particularly ones in Ireland or other magical countryside areas, such as Vermont, love living in hills. The hillsides are sometimes called “raths” or mounds. In general, however, fairies like living on hills that are located in forests, with plenty of greenery that all fairies especially love. It is little wonder then that so many fairies visit the Lake Caspian region and Greensboro’s Highland Center for the Arts this time of year.

On Saturday, August 5, the fairies now visiting the Vermont hillsides around Greensboro will be holding a special Fairy Festival beginning at 1:00 p.m., at the Highland Center for the Arts. They are inviting children of all ages to join them. The fairy queen will be riding her unicorn and it is rumored a baby unicorn will be joining her. One of the Fairy Queen’s mermaid friends will also be visiting for this special occasion. It is also anticipated that some of the Caspian area wizards, gnomes and elves will be joining their fairy friends for this special festival as well.

Like all fairy festivals, this one will be packed with exciting events. There will be dragon egg hunts, fortune telling, tea leave reading, fairy archery, wand making, face painting, bubble making, and special classes on making various potions. Some of the unicorns will be offering rides to visitors at this year’s festival. There will also be visits to a crystal forest and fairy homes that have been brought to the Highland Center to be shown and displayed especially for this event and the No Strings Marionette Company will be joining in for live puppetry performances.

Some of the fairies will be bringing their wardrobes to share with those guests who might be interested in becoming fairies for a day. And, of course, the kitchen at the Highland Center will be offering up delicious fairy fare for hungry visitors. For more information go to highlandartsvt.org/events/.