Community Hot Dog Roast at Greensboro United Church

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photos by Hal Gray and Becky Arnold

Becky Arnold, Judy Waible, and Nancy Hill show hot dog sticks.

Dulce Nino and Diego Gray, grandson of Greensboro resident Clive Gray, attended the roast.

Jeff Fellinger and Katherine Sims stand by the fire, with camera-shy sons Wyatt and Haydon hiding behind them.

John Howard with Shelly Jungwirth, chair of the deacons, who coordinated the event.

Some of the MacKinnon family roasting hot dogs at the fire.

Patti Sunday-Winters practiced proper dog etiquette by using the “Pet Cot” as a command place for Oakley.

Rev. Alden and Patty Launer (standing), attended with their daughter Ainsley and Andrew Casavant and their son Ashton.

Paula Harmon’s well-dressed dog, Elliot, reaches for a snack.

Skip Hoblin and wife Mimi Benedict shows her deluxe hot dog roasting stick.

Roger and Rev. Judy Waible (Ret.), visiting from Nebraska, attended the roast.