Funds Sought to Help Repair and Preserve Cemetery Fence

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Gayle Kroger and Carol Ceraldi have begun a account to collect funds for repairs to the Craftsbury Common Cemetery fence. They hope to help train local volunteers to clean and straighten falling stones.

CRAFTSBURY COMMON – Two Craftsbury Common residents have begun a process to help repair and preserve the fence at the cemetery on Craftsbury Common.

Craftsbury Common is listed in Vermont’s State Register of Historic Districts and the Craftsbury Common Cemetery lies within that District. With its fence, the cemetery is historic with the first internment being that of Ebenezer Crafts in 1810.

Installed about 1902, the ornate wrought iron fence is a material component of the district. The fence has been painted and repainted, but over the years, the cemetery’s fence has gone to rust and is leaning and sinking badly.

Three things need to happen to preserve this historic anchor of the community for the future.

Preservation and removal of the fence for sandblasting and repainting; repairing damage; placing all back into a firm foundation; commitment of the community in the preservation of this space (the town has started with a commitment of $2,500 from the town budget, $10,000 has been allocated from the operating funds of the North Craftsbury Cemetery Association, fundraising will accomplish the remainder of the need); maintenance going forward, through a committed maintenance program.

Sterling College has included the maintenance into its work study curriculum.

Preservation of the fence will cost $36,775. With the help of the cemetery association to accomplish the goal, $24,275 still needs to be raised.

Those wishing to contribute to the preservation of the cemetery fence may go to, or send a tax deductible donation to North Craftsbury Cemetery Association, Inc., c/o Gayle Kroeger, Treasurer, 1051 King Farm Road, Craftsbury Common, Vermont 05827.